Suaugusių asmenų fizinį aktyvumą skatinančių intervencijų taikymo praktika Lietuvoje

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Suaugusių asmenų fizinį aktyvumą skatinančių intervencijų taikymo praktika Lietuvoje
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Practical application of physical activity promotion interventions for adults‘ in Lithuania
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Visuomenės sveikata [Public health]. 2015, Nr. 4 (71), p. 94-100
Administravimas. Valstybės tarnyba / Administration. Public service; Gyventojai / Population; Sveikata / Health.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Fizinio aktyvumo intervencijos; Savivaldybės; Suaugę gyventojai; Visuomenės sveikatos biurai; Adults; Municipality; Physical activity interventions; Public health bureaus.

ENThe aim. To assess the practical application of physical activity promotion interventions for adults. Materials and methods. The data on the interventions applied for promoting adults physical activity in Lithuania in the period from 2012 to 2014 were collected by carrying out a questionnaire survey of public health bureaus employees and municipality administrations. Study authors developed questionnaire which consisted of eight open and closed-ended questions. 32 municipality administrations and 34 public health bureaus responded to the questionnaires. Respondents were asked what physical activity promotion interventions were applied in their municipality in the last three years (2012–2014), what were criteria for the selection of interventions, how adults were informed about physical activity promotion events, what were the main barriers to implement interventions and what are proposals on how to increase physical activity. Descriptive statistical methods were used. Results. During the period of investigation (2012–2014) various physical activity promotion interventions were conducted in Lithuanian municipalities. The most attention was given to physical workout interventions, physical activity promotion events, one-day events/ practices. Interventions for developing adults’ physical activity behaviour self-control by recommending the use of pedometers, or those for increasing adults’ motivation to be more physically active by organising individual or group consultations were applied quite seldom. The physical activity promotion interventions are mostly chose with regard to the residents’ needs according to municipality administrations as well as office representatives. Lack of motivation, financial and human resource shortages are the main barriers to implement physical activity interventions.Respondents suggested developing existing infrastructure, increase funding and human resources in order to increase adults’ physical activity. Conclusions. Evidence-based physical activity interventions - specialists ‘consultations and self-control interventions - represent only a small part of applicable interventions in Lithuania. [From the publication]

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