Rankraštiniai ir dauginimo priemonėmis leisti periodiniai leidiniai Lietuvos nacionalinėje retrospektyviojoje bibliografijoje

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Rankraštiniai ir dauginimo priemonėmis leisti periodiniai leidiniai Lietuvos nacionalinėje retrospektyviojoje bibliografijoje
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Manuscript and by means of copying devices issued periodicals reflected in the Lithuanian national retrospective bibliography
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Bibliografija. 2000, 99, p. 84-88
Klaipėda. Klaipėdos kraštas (Klaipeda region); Lietuva (Lithuania); Leidyba / Publishing; Rankraščiai / Manuscripts; Spauda / Press.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Bibliografija; Dauginimo priemonės; Jaunimo organizacijos; Laikraščiai; Leidybos priemonės; Lietuviški periodiniai leidiniai, 1823–1940; Nacionalinė retrospektyvioji bibliografija; Periodiniai leidiniai; Rankraštiniai laikraščiai; Bibliography; Copying devices; Devices of publishing; Lithuanian periodical publications,1823–1940; Manuscript newspapers; National retrospective bibliography; Newspapers; Periodical Publications; Youth organizations or societies.

ENIn 1994, since the appearance of the control list „Lietuviški periodiniai leidiniai, 1823-1940“ („Lithuanian Periodical Publications of the Years 1823-1940“), a bibliography of serial publications of this period was commenced. New facts have been discovered dining the description of the publications de visu. Publications issued without employing poligraphic means appeared to be the most interesting and less investigated. The history of the manuscript and hectographic small newspapers dated 1911-1914 was explored by V. Biržiška. Often such newspapers have been issued by schoolchildren, who usually gathered into certain organizations or societies. The first creations of such distinguished figures as B. Brazdžionis, K. Aukštikalnis, K. Žoromskis (Žuromskis) have been announced in the writers newspapers. School topics were most frequently prevailing in the humorous newspapers.Under certain circumstances, the newspapers issued applying illegal copying devices have been disseminated by other organizations as well. Such types of publications filled up the gap of the press printed in the poligraphic enterprises. There are facts about publications, which have been printed during the voyage in the ship. On May 20-29, 1929 the first Lithuanian daily titled „Ekskursantas“ („Excursionist“) appeared in the Atlantic Ocean. It was prepared and by means of mimeograph printed by the Excursion Committee of a big group of travellers on their way from New York to Klaipėda in the ship „Lithuania“. Proceeding with the bibliographic work, we are awaiting for fresh news and active assistance with everybody having additional information about the periodicals issued till 1940. [From the publication]

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