Priešmokyklinio ugdymo grupės vaikų su žymia kompleksine negalia sensomotorinio ugdymo ypatumai

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Straipsnis / Article
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Priešmokyklinio ugdymo grupės vaikų su žymia kompleksine negalia sensomotorinio ugdymo ypatumai
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Characteristics of senso-motor education of the children with severe complex disability in a preschool group
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Edukacinės studijos. 2008, 5, p. 69-81, 279-280
Neįgalieji / Disabled persons; Specialusis ugdymas / Special education; Vaikai / Children.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Priešmokyklinis ugdymas; Sensomotorinis ugdymas; Sensomotorinis ugdymas, kompleksinė negalė, priešmokyklinis amžius; Vaikai su žymia kompleksine negalia; Children with Severe Complex Disability; Preschool Group; Senso-Motor Education; Sensory motor education, complex disability, pre-school age.

ENRita Giniotienė and Jautrė Šinkūnienė claim in their article, based on the results of the research, that the senso-motor education program applied during the pedagogical experiment had impact on the changes of sensory abilities of children with severe complex disabilities: tendencies of increase, however slight, in visual, auditory perception and emotional expression. As a result of specific development characteristics and special educational needs, individual educational methods are needed in order to achieve activeness of 5-7-year-olds with severe disorders. The impact of the emotional contact of the educator and the educated on positive emotions, encouragement and maintenance of self-expression, ensuring the feeling of security and trust in the surrounding people has been noted. An evident effect of the educational environment on the pupils who took part in the research has been noted: vivid, interesting means containing diverse sensory information help a child to keep focus longer, explore, develop, get to know the world as much as the possibilities of the child with disordered development allow. [From the publication]

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