Logopedo veikla ugdant specialiųjų ugdymosi poreikių turinčius mokinius bendrojo lavinimo mokykloje

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Straipsnis / Article
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Logopedo veikla ugdant specialiųjų ugdymosi poreikių turinčius mokinius bendrojo lavinimo mokykloje
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Activity of a speech therapist educating children with special needs in ordinary school
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Edukacinės studijos. 2008, 5, p. 173-185, 285
Mokytojų ugdymas / Teacher education; Specialusis ugdymas / Special education; Vaikai / Children.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Bendrojo lavinimo mokykla; Logopedo veikla; Specialiųjų ugdymosi poreikių vaikai, logopedas; Vaikai su specialiaisiais poreikiais; Children with Special Needs; Children with special educational needs, speech therapist; Ordinary School; The Activity of a Speech Therapist.

ENDiana Liubinienė and Alvyra Galkienė claim in their article, on the bases of a research carried out, that speech therapists of ordinary schools usually work with the following: pupils with speech and communication, mental and specific cognitive disorders. The cooperation of teachers and speech therapists is desultory. Three areas of teacher-speech therapist cooperation were revealed: teacher consultation, discussion of the pupils' results and joint creation of educational programs. Having analyzed the characteristics of the assistance of a speech therapist to the teachers in cases of separate disorders it is possible to state that the teachers expect speech therapists to combine speech development and the analysis of the educational material (to shape concepts used during subject lessons, to read texts on the subjects in order to eliminate dyslexia etc.). [From the publication]

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