Mokytojų motyvavimas dalyvauti projektuose : prielaidos ir galimybės

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Mokytojų motyvavimas dalyvauti projektuose: prielaidos ir galimybės
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Teachers’ motivation to participate in diferent projects: assumptions and possibilities
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Edukacinės studijos. 2008, 5, p. 27-38
Mokytojas; Motyvacija; Motyvas; Motyvas, motyvacija, mokytojas, projektinė veikla, projektas, galimybė, prielaida, poreikis, profesinės kvalifikacijos tobulinimas; Projektas; Projektinė veikla.
Motivation; Motive; Motive, Motivation, Teacher, Project activity, Project, Opportunity, Assumption, Need, Improvement of professional qualification; Project; Project activities; Teacher.
Summary / Abstract:

ENRelevance and novelty of the topic. It is very important to apply effective management forms and tools, as well as to create an effective system for staff learning and motivation that would allow learning the motives of staff activity, creating conditions for them to fulfill their aims and expectations. Thus the topic of pedagogues’ motivation to participate in projects is a relevant research as it creates prerequisites for the teachers to become active in teaching process by using experience and methods from various countries. The object of the thesis is the prerequisites and possibilities of teacher motivation to be involved in projects. The aim of the research is to analyze the prerequisites and possibilities of teacher motivation to be involved in projects. With reference to what has been analyzed in the first part of the thesis, it might be stated that there is a noticeable match between the content of the projects and the priorities indicated in the Guidelines of the Strategic Provisions of the Lithuanian Education Development („Guidelines“). The priority of the social education policy, encouragement of the modern processes of educational change, search for new forms of education expression - these are the main peculiarities characteristic to the Lithuanian and European adult education.The information presented in the second part of the thesis allows stating that a number of scientists are interested in the issue of teacher motivation, as the achievements of their educatees - the main aim of education - directly depend on the quality of teachers' activity. Good results of the teachers are often determined by their feeling well at work, which in its turn depends on their professionalism, thus it is very important to motivate teachers to improve their professional skills and competences constantly. The third part of the thesis presents the analysis of the research. An empirical research has been carried out that aimed to analyze the prerequisites and possibilities of teacher motivation to be involved in projects in Utena schools of general education. The inquiry involved 320 teachers selected at random. Ten school leaders responded to the questionnaires, those who implement projects and served as experts able to assess the managerial issues of education projects. [From the publication]

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