Z Torunia do Wilna: podróż króla Stanisława zimą 1708 roku

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Z Torunia do Wilna: podróż króla Stanisława zimą 1708 roku
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From Toruń to Vilnius: the journey of King Stanisław in the winter of 1708
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Zapiski historyczne. 2017, t. 82, z. 2, p. 85-99
Didysis Šiaurės karas, 1700-1721 (Great Northern war); Stanislovas Leščinskis, 1677-1766 (Stanislovas I Leščinskis, Stanisław I Leszczyński); Kelionė; Mozovija, Palenkė; Torūnė, Vilnius, kelionė, Stanislovas Leščinskis; 18 amžius.
Great Northern War, 1700-1721; King Stanislaw Leszczinski; Lithuania; Mosovia; Podlachia; Torun, Vilnius, travel, Stanislaw Leszczynski; Travel; XVIIIth century.
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ENThe article discusses the journey of King Stanisław Leszczyński from Toruń, which he left on 10 Jan 1708, to Vilnius, where he arrived on 22 March 1708. The journey to Lithuania was forced by the Swedish sovereign Charles XII, who was accompanied by Leszczyński from the autumn of 1706. The question is whether the journey of King Stanisław launched in the winter of 1708 was a rational decision. It strengthened the position of Leszczyński in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Still his position predominantly depended on the Sapieha family, who were supported by Charles XII. During his few personal meetings with Charles XII, Leszczyński failed to convince Charles XII to approve of his political concepts. It still remained unknown whether the Polish monarch should accompany Charles XII in his journey into Russia or whether he should return to Poland and try to appease people at home. The closest collaborators of King Stanisław were sceptical (with the exception of the Sapiehas) of the political and military plans of Charles XII; they also disapproved of the conduct of the Swedish troops in Poland. The Swedes treated Poland as a conquered state imposing very high contributions and induced the delivery of food and pasture for horses. [From the publication]

0044-1791; 2449-8637
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