Slaugytojų pasirengimas ugdyti pacientų sveiką gyvenseną

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Slaugytojų pasirengimas ugdyti pacientų sveiką gyvenseną
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Tenders‘ preparedness to develop patiens' healthy lifestyle
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Edukacinės studijos. 2008, 4, p. 108-115
Slauga. Slaugytojai / Nursing. Nurses; Sveikata / Health; Sveikatos ugdymas / Health education.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Pacientai, sveika gyvensena; Slaugytojai, sveikata, sveika gyvensena; Slaugytojos; Nurses; Nurses, health, healthy lifestyle; Patients, healthy lifestyle.

ENThe subject of work: nurses’ readiness to promote the healthy lifestyle of Patients. The object of research: nurses’ readiness for health promotion. The problem of research: the competence of healthy lifestyle promotion and general abilities. The aim of research: to evaluate nurses’ readiness for the health promotion of patients. Methods of research: they are theoretical, empirical, mathematical statistical. The analysis of research data showed that 96 % of respondents consider the Promotion of healthy lifestyle to be necessary. They connect the importance of Promoting the healthy lifestyle not only with disease prevention, i.e. help for healthy people, but also with assurance of life quality, promoting the healthy lifestyle among the infirm and their family members. Most of them examined nurses are interested in healthy lifestyle, they like to discuss, but there are many urgent topics related to the healthy lifestyle (sexual upbringing, mental health and stress, prevention of cancerous diseases, paralytic stroke, tuberculosis) that nurses lack knowledge in.Most nurses think that all the components (education, teaching, training and nurture) are important in the promotion activity, but in Practice they use education and teaching components more often. The nurses estimate their distinct abilities to promote healthy lifestyle quite high, but some of them have doubts about their ability or maintain not having enough competence to form patients’ attitude towards healthy lifestyle, to apply various methods promoting healthy lifestyle, to formulate aids of promotion and use resources or to integrate the healthy lifestyle promotion into the nursing process. Not all nurses can teach patients by their positive lifestyle example. Though 84 % of respondents try to live healthily, some take unhealthy nourishment, do not exercise sufficiently, drink alcohol. [From the publication]

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