Šiaulių miesto bibliotekos ir skaityklos, 1940-1945

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Šiaulių miesto bibliotekos ir skaityklos, 1940-1945
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Libraries, readind rooms and book marks of Šiauliai state, public organizations and societies during the period of 1940-1945
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Žiemgala. 2017, Nr. 1, p. 32-36
1940-1990. Lietuva okupacijų metais.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Bibliotekos; Bibliotekų istorija; Cenzūra; Knygos nuosavybės ženklai; Nacių okupacija; Skaityklos; Sovietų okupacija; Šiauliai; Šiauliai 1940-1945; Book ownership marks; Censorship; History of libraries; Libraries; Nazi occupation; Reading rooms; Soviet occupation; Šiauliai; Šiauliai 1940-1945.

ENAt the beginning of the Soviet occupation most of the libraries and reading rooms in Šiauliai were nationalized. During the first year of the Soviet occupation the authorities ordered to take out from the bookshops and libraries the periodicals and books published in Lithuania in the interwar period. The books and other property of Šiauliai St. George parish, Šiauliai Postmen Education Society “Žinia”, St. Zita and other societies’ and organizations’ libraries and reading rooms in Šiauliai. In 1942, the year of German occupation, the state public library and reading room, “Aušra” museum library, etc. were open to the people. The established in 1942 Šiauliai district Art and Science Centre had its own library. During the years of the war, in order to protect the books from German soldiers they were hidden in Šiauliai region. At the beginning of the second Soviet occupation, in Šiauliai were opened state libraries, libraries and reading rooms at the companies and institutions. They had to propagate the Soviet ideology and accumulate the acceptable to the ideology literature. During the Soviet times, there were established not only new libraries and reading rooms, but also closed up the libraries of public organizations and societies, taken out of the funds newspapers and magazines published in independent Lithuania, books of undesirable to the authorities authors. [From the publication]

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