Archeologiniai tyrimai Vinkšniniuose

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Straipsnis / Article
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Archeologiniai tyrimai Vinkšniniuose
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Archaeological research in Vinkšniniai
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Žiemgala. 2016, Nr. 1, p. 20-25
Archeologiniai tyrimai; Biržų muziejus "Sėla"; Biržų raj.; Biržų rajonas; Senkapis; Vinkšniniai; Vinkšniniai, senkapiai, gyvenvietė; Vinkšninių kapinynas.
Archaeological investigations; Archeological excavation; Biržai district; Biržai museum "Sela"; Burial ground; Vinkšniniai; Vinkšniniai burial ground; Vinkšniniai, ancient burial ground, settlement.
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ENIn 2015, Biržai Regional Museum “Sėla” carried out archaeological research in the territory of Vinkšniniai burial ground, also called tumulus or Sweedish burial mound, in order to locate new archaeological sites and to carry out investigations in the up to now unresearched protected objects. So there was located and fully investigated a part of the 5th–6th-century burial mound. Its stone crown of irregular circle was about 5-5.5 m in diameter (from one outer edge to the other) and about 3 meters in diameter in the inner part. The boulders were arranged in a sort of two rings, i.e. the outer ring from larger stones and the inner ring from the small ones, forming a sort of paving. Nearby was found a severely damaged burial place. The edge of the burial ground in the northeast was traced and 6 graves investigated. The dating of the latter is problematic since no findings can help to determine the chronology of the burial ground. There was also traced an edge of the ancient village of the first half of the 1st millennium. [From the publication]

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