Ikimokyklinės įstaigos ir šeimos partnerystė, rengiant vaikus mokyklai

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Ikimokyklinės įstaigos ir šeimos partnerystė, rengiant vaikus mokyklai
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Partnership of pre-school institution and family preparing children to school
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Edukacinės studijos. 2008, 4, p. 33-39
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Ikimokyklinis ugdymas; Ikimokyklinis ugdymas, pasiruošimas mokyklai, šeimos ir ikimokyklinio ugdymo įstaigos partnerystė; Ikimokyklinė įstaiga; Partnerystė; Šeima; Family; Partnership; Pre-school institution; Preschool education; Prie- school education, preparing children to school, partnership of the family and prie- school institution.
Ikimokyklinis ugdymas / Pre-school education; Partnerystė; Pedagogika / Pedagogy; Vaikai / Children.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe problem of survey is determined by the fact, that the education of parents of pre-school institutions in Utena is a new phenomenon and it is not enough related with the change of pre-school education, the modem educational models oriented to the child and the ideas of adults’ education and the permanent (self-) learning. The survey was done in the pre-school groups of pre-school institutions and kindergartens-primary schools of Utena town. During the survey were questioned 210 different age and background parents and foster-parents of children, who are attending the pre-school education groups. The result of survey showed, that the relation among pedagogues and parents help to develop the personality of the child, the interchanging information enables to know better the character, likings, aptitudes of child, the cooperation permits to know better the child’s behavior in the group of peers. The parents want to be involved in the life of pre-school education institution, their most acceptable form of cooperation with educational institution is the individual conversations with pedagogue, when the parents most likely get the knowledge about what the child is in the educational institution, also they learn how to solve the problems of upbringing the children. [From the publication]

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