Vilniaus miesto ikimokyklinių įstaigų patirtis dalyvaujant tarptautiniuose projektuose

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Straipsnis / Article
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Vilniaus miesto ikimokyklinių įstaigų patirtis dalyvaujant tarptautiniuose projektuose
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Vilnius city pre-school educational institutions experience from internationals projects
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Edukacinės studijos. 2008, 3, p. 123-130
Dalyvavimo projektuose nauda; Edukaciniai projektai; Ikimokyklinio ugdymo vieta tarptautiniuose projektuose; Ikimokyklinis ugdymas; Tarptautiniai projektai.
Education projects; International projects; Pre-school participation in international projects; Prie-school education; The benefits of participation in projects.
Summary / Abstract:

ENIn today’s society projects are more urgent, because they help solve problems in business, art, science, technologies ordinary work and many other tasks. In this way also are changed and project conception. Now in theory and practice we have one project (lat. Projectus - throw forward) characteristic - it's unique problems solution way. Now we have many changes in various education system places. These changes are of course and in pre-school education. Changes in pre-school institutions - it‘s a process, when we have deep and perpetual changes in social system structure and functionality. One of changes in pre-school education - education institutions participation in international education projects. In research I concentrated to Vilnius city pre-school institutions participation in to the internationals projects. That is why I analyze in this research do they need such international projects and what kind of benefit is from them. Summarize research findings we get that Vilnius city pre-school institutions willingly participate in international projects. Participating in projects activity get many of positive objects - teachers get new experience, they more trusted in own strength. And the main thing is that these international projects likes to children in education institution. [From the publication]

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