Diskriminacijos prevencija valdant verslo įmonių personalą

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Straipsnis / Article
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Diskriminacijos prevencija valdant verslo įmonių personalą
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Discrimination prevention and personnel management in business companies
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Diskriminacija; Diskriminacija, diskriminacijos prevencija, personalas; Diskriminacijos prevencija; Personalas.
Discrimination; Discrimination prevention; Discrimination, discrimination prevention, personnel management; Personnel management.
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LTValdant verslo įmonių personalą, diskriminacijos raiška vertinama kaip negatyvus reiškinys, darantis poveikį sėkmingiems rezultatams, todėl būtina ugdyti vadovų gebėjimus išmanyti ir taikyti diskriminacijos prevencijos priemones. Straipsnyje analizuojama personalo diskriminacijos prevencijos problema, ieškant būdų išvengti diskriminacijos ar bent apriboti jos raišką. Atliktas empirinis tyrimas dviejose verslo sektoriaus įmonėse atskleidė, kad tiek vadovai, tiek personalas turi nepakankamai žinių personalo diskriminacijos ir jos prevencijos klausimais, nors šalyje teisinė bazė šiuo aspektu parengta. [Iš leidinio]

ENEmployee discrimination in the business sector is such a phenomenon that has a negative impact on the company’s performance, thus, discrimination prevention is an important issue. The phenomenon of discrimination, factors that cause it, its forms in society and at work, means of preventing/reducing discrimination are analysed in the paper. In the EU and the Republic of Lithuania, antidiscriminatory legislation has been enacted and applies to the public and business sector. In its annual report for 2011- 2015, The Office of Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson notes that discrimination occurs most often when recruitment and redundancy decisions are made. That is a signal that discrimination occurs in the business sector and should be eradicated. Lithuanian laws guarantee equal rights to all residents, however, discrimination on the grounds of sex, age, race, social status may occur in the workplace. Companies, concerned with effective and efficient human resources management, put much effort into discrimination prevention/elimination/reduction. Discrimination can take various forms, it may be social, legal, economic. Equality legislation, various programs, administrative, criminal liability help prevent discrimination. Research problem: discrimination prevention in a company. A literature review showed that discrimination most often occurs on the grounds of gender in the business sector. The aim of the research: to reveal discrimination prevention measures in a company. The object of the research: discrimination prevention in a company. Research methods: qualitative and quantitative, literature review, employee survey (2 business companies), semistructured interview (personnel managers at 2 business companies). Quantitative and qualitative research showed that personnel managers use various approaches to tackling discrimination and advancing gender equality.Content analysis showed that they lack knowledge of discrimination forms, do not know its negative impact on company performance. The personnel manager at Apvalus company stated that there was no discrimination in his company meanwhile the employee survey showed that they thought they had been discriminated but did not know what actions they could take. Thus, discrimination exists but the personnel manager does not acknowledge that, he has little knowledge about its forms. Analysing preventive measures he mentioned that employees can inform the director or the personnel department about an incident. The personnel manager at Kampuotas company stated that he had not received any complaints about discrimination, thus there is no discrimination in his company, the interviewed employees also said that they had not heard about any discrimination incidents in the company. 54% of Apvalus employees and 57% of Kampuotas employees stated that there was no information about discrimination forms or prevention measures in their companies. The both interviewed personnel managers said that their employees could talk to them about discrimination. The difference between the opinions of women and men respondents about discrimination and its prevention was insignificant. In conclusion, this empirical study revealed that discrimination occurs in the business sector. Recommendations regarding discrimination prevention in the business sector are provided in the paper. [From the publication]

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