Violetinis vitražas : Petro Palilionio kûrybos kontekstai

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Violetinis vitražas: Petro Palilionio kûrybos kontekstai
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Creational work of Petras Palilionis
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Žiemgala. 2004, Nr. 1, p. 34-39
Kūrybiškumas / Creativity; Meno stiliai / Art styles; Poezija / Poetry.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Cenzūra; Ekspresionizmas; Kritika; Kūryba; Petras Palilionis; Petras Palilionis, avangardizmas, ekspresionizmas, literatūros istorija; Poezija; Censorship; Creativity; Criticism; Expressionism; Petras Palilionis; Petras Palilionis, avantgardeism, expressionism, history of literature; Poetry.

ENThe literature critic describes the creational work of the poet, essayist, translator, journalist that came of Northern Lithuania. The poet’s way to literature was not an easy one as during the Soviet times he did not write any panegyrical stanzas eulogizing the Communist order. It seems to the poet that nothing only the nature inspires us with joy and optimism. The analysis of individual style confirms that Palilionis strives by his works for the synthesis of various traditions, the new aesthetic quality, basing himself both on classical and vanguard traditions, first of all the expressionism. The strongest artistically are such his works where sincere considerations about existential meaning, time, death, love and loneliness come to the foreground. The poet likes most of all a metaphorical, mysterious and ciphered form. Palilionis’ essay also charms us by the essayist’s emotionality and richness of the word. A book about Juozas Grušas is very significant. Palilionis’ essayistics has its roots in his poetry. It broadens the history of literature as a live, as if contradictory movement and shows that artistic values were created by talented people and makes the treasure house of the spiritual heritage of our nation. [From the publication]

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