Oczekiwania a rzeczywistość: problemy z akulturacją młodych Polaków z Litwy przyjeżdżających do Polski

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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
Lenkų kalba / Polish
Oczekiwania a rzeczywistość: problemy z akulturacją młodych Polaków z Litwy przyjeżdżających do Polski
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Expectations and reality: problems of acculturation of young Poles from Lithuania coming to Poland
Lenkija (Poland); Lietuva (Lithuania); Jaunimas / Youth; Kultūrinis identitetas / Cultural identitity; Migracija / Migration; Etninės mažumos / Ethnic minorities.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Akultūracija; Akultūracijai būdingos problemos; Emigracija; Imigracija; Jaunimas; Lenkai; Lenkija (Lenkijos karalystė. Kingdom of Poland. Poland); Lietuvos lenkai; Lietuvos lenkai Lenkijoje; Lūkesčiai; Realybė; Tautinė mažuma; Tautinė tapatybė; Tikrovė; Acculturation; Emigration; Expectations; Immigration; National identity; National minority; Poles from Lithuania in Poland; Poles of Lithuania; Reality; Reality: problems of acculturation; The Poles; Youth.

ENThe possibility of unrestricted movement of people within the European structures and opening of international educational and scholarship programs gives the opportunity to study in any European country. It concerns among others young Poles from die Polish minority in Lithuania. The Polish minority in Lithuania is an indigenous population, which has remained on the territory of Lithuania as a result of geopolitical and boundary changes. Some of the young Poles from Lithuania decide to study in Poland, which offers the opportunity to observe changes in their identity and the choice of adaptation strategies. It also says a lot about the long-term changes in the whole group of the Polish minority in Lithuania. The moment of transition of young people from the Polish minority from their home place to Poland is extremely important, as it results in questions appearing on their own national identity as related to the Polishness in Poland. Poles from Lithuania expect to be perceived in Poland like their compatriots from Poland yet they face limits which they were not expecting. Their identity as Poles is questioned, they also face the ignorance of Poles living in Poland regarding the very existence of Polish minorities in other countries in general. The presented paper is a presentation of the research that I conducted in 2010. It is largely based on empirical material which excellent reflects the emotions and points of view of my narrators.As the method I used biographical narrative interview according to the concept of F. Schuetze. On the basis of the research I present the situation of Polish students from Lithuania in Poland taking into consideration two important moment. On one hand, I write about the initial situation of my interviewees, including the cultural capital, motivation and personal involvement in the arrival to Poland, their reaction to the admission to study in Poland and the reaction of their family, their fears and hopes. I also ask about the knowledge and the experiences connected with Poland before their departure. On the other hand, I present the situation of the narrators after their arrival. I describe what their biggest surprises were, what difference in the behavior of Poles living in Poland and them they see, and what, therefore, cultural differences they notice. I also try to answer the question how much my narrators’ stereotypes and patterns of living in Poland and of people living in here match the facts. The quotations taken from the interviews very accurately respond to the question of how much the reality has fulfilled the expectations of my interlocutors and whether their initial cultural capital helped them to adjust to life in Poland. [From the publication]

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