Autonominiai automobiliai – šiandienos teisiniai iššūkiai rytojui

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Straipsnis / Article
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Autonominiai automobiliai – šiandienos teisiniai iššūkiai rytojui
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Autonomous vehicles – today‘s legal challenges for tomorrow
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Teisė. 2016, t. 101, p. 126-144
LDB Open.
Autonominiai automobiliai; Inovacijos.
Autonomous vehicles; Innovation.
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ENThe purpose of this article is to analyze the concept of autonomous vehicles, the legality of using an autonomous vehicle in Lithuania today, and to determine the key fields of legal regulations that should be improved. Research suggests that an autonomous vehicle can be defined as "a fully automated vehicle equipped with the technologies capable to perform all driving functions without any human intervention". Following this definition, and in the context of applicable legal regulations, no legal barriers to use an autonomous vehicle in Lithuania (level 3 and lower) can currently be identified. On the other hand, the research showed that there is no legal regulation in Lithuania that is directly intended to regulate the use of autonomous vehicles. Therefore, the legislator should establish such regulations, specifically assessing the fields covered in this article. Lastly, the research shows that one of the most important issues in the legal field of autonomous vehicles is identifying who should be responsible for damages caused by an autonomous vehicle. Such a question, it is suggested, should be decided by implementing manufacturer`s liability for the damages caused by an autonomous vehicle if it was not controlled by driver during at the time of the accident. [From the publication]

1392-1274; 2424-6050
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