Simono Grunau kronikos įtaka XVI-XVIII a. Prūsijos istoriografijai

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Simono Grunau kronikos įtaka XVI-XVIII a. Prūsijos istoriografijai
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Impact of Simon Grunau's chronicle on the Prussian historiography of the 16th to the 18th centuries
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ENThe paper seeks to demonstrate the impact of the Chronicle (Preussische Chronik,), written by a Prussian Dominican priest Simon Grunau on the turn of the 16th century, on the works of Prussian historians of the 16th to the 18th centuries. Grunau’s Chronicle was one of the first attempts to write a comprehensive history of Prussia, covering not merely the traditional episode of the Teutonic Order activity in it, but also its pre-Christian past. A substantial amount of unique information about the past of Prussia, especially its pre-Christian times, spotlighted the Chronicle for the researchers in Prussian history. The ever-changing political, social, and cultural conditions of Prussia (both the Royal Prussia, the Duchy of Prussia, and late, of Kingdom) did not reduce its significance, however, created the conditions for the change in the approach to the objectivity of its individual narratives and their complexes and the possibilities of their functioning in a continually formed narrative of the comprehensive history of Prussia. Prussian historians, as representatives of different social groups (citizens of Royal Prussia, Catholics of the Warmian Diocese, Lutherans of the Duchy of Prussia, etc.), instrumentalized individual historical narratives and used them for their own needs (political, confessional, or cultural). Therefore, by the approach to Grunau‘s Chronicle or its individual parts, one can judge different stages of the evolution of the historical thought in Prussia and the characteristics of the formation of the science of history in Prussia. [From the publication]

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