Kaimiškojo kultūrinio kraštovaizdžio naratyvo formavimasis klasikinėje lietuvių poezijoje

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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
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Kaimiškojo kultūrinio kraštovaizdžio naratyvo formavimasis klasikinėje lietuvių poezijoje
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Formation of the narrative of the cultural landscape in Lithuanian classic poetry
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Vietos dvasios beieškant / sudarytoja Rasa Čepaitienė. Vilnius: Lietuvos istorijos instituto leidykla, 2014. P. 320-350
Genius loci; Klasikinė lietuvių poezija; Vietos dvasia.
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ENFrom the end of the 19th century up until 1940 was a period of tribulations for Lithuania - the Imperial Russian occupation, the ban on the Lithuanian press, the problem of delithuanization of the people, the rebuilding of the state, the loss of the capital city Vilnius, the wars for independence and for Vilnius, etc. All these historical and cultural calamities influenced the Lithuanian ethnic culture both positively and negatively and of course were reflected in the literature of the period. A hypothesis is supported that the distinct places of the country and various landscape objects that are mentioned in texts had acquired additional meanings - primarily due to Romanticism and its move towards history: they served more functions than just those of the place of action, localization and presentation; they also supported the establishment, on the national level, of the most important Lithuanian geographical objects of historical and cultural heritage and the formation of the ethno-linguistic identity. A conclusion is drawn that some objects of the Lithuanian cultural landscape served a mnemonic function and did become important symbols of the country. They were used in literature to strengthen the feelings of patriotism and nationalism, in this way establishing the relationship between 'land' and 'word' in our culture, and supporting the saving of the mentioned objects and places of heritage. [From the publication]

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