Išmanusis kultūros paveldas: genius loci ir papildytoji realybė

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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Išmanusis kultūros paveldas: genius loci ir papildytoji realybė
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Smart cultural heritage: genius loci and augmented reality
Vietos dvasia; Genius loci; Išmanusis kultūros paveldas.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe object of the paper is the manifestation and assessment of the virtual form of material cultural heritage in the context of the twenty-first century postmodernist state. The aim of the paper is to analyse and assess the technology of augmented reality as a potential form of virtual heritage, suitable for the solution of modern problems of heritage protection, and to demonstrate a practical example of the application of this technology for the archaeological heritage of Dubingiai. The paper analyses how augmented reality - virtual heritage - changes the paradigm of heritage protection, and shows what features are characteristic of the modern network society and how it influences the sector of cultural heritage, especially bearing in mind the research into immovable architectural heritage, its dispersion and use. Research is based on the methods of logical induction, experiment, digital modelling, and photogrammetry. [From the publication]

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