Šventieji pagal panašumą į Dievą Leonardo Gutausko poezijoje

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Straipsnis / Article
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Šventieji pagal panašumą į Dievą Leonardo Gutausko poezijoje
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Saints similar to God in Leonardas Gutauskas’ poetry
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Acta humanitarica universitatis Saulensis [Acta humanit. univ. Saulensis (Online)]. 2015, t. 22, p. 65-84. Šventieji ir nelabieji kultūroje
Kolektyvinė atmintis / Collective memory; Lietuvių literatūra / Lithuanian literature; Poezija / Poetry; Šventieji / Saints.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Atmintis; Gutauskas; Kančia; Leonardas; Leonardas Gutauskas; Lietuvių poezija; Meilė; Poezija; Simbolis; Šventieji; Leonardas Gutauskas; Lithuanian poetry; Love; Memory; Poetry; Saints; Suffering; Symbol.

ENThe object of the paper is saints in Leonardas Gutauskas’ poetry books "Betliejus", "Popierinė dėžutė" and "In fine" where they are encountered from Christian tradition and environment and poetic meaning in general are not less meaningful. The aim of the paper is to identify and analyze traditional, Christian saints and the brightest personalities depicted as “saints” by Gutauskas. The analysis is based on literature-theology dialogue choosing a modern, Christian concept of a saint. It is not by accident that the circle of traditional saints is wide in Gutauskas’ poetry since that allows to better understand the typology of saints in general in his works. Powerful words are used to describe their identities, dialogues with God, experiences of suffering, love and poverty, community with other saints is revealed through the interpretations of Francis of Assisi, Mary Magdalene, John the Baptist and other saints. The Evangelical memory of God’s little ones is found in such poems as "Betliejus", "Kazimieras Vasiliauskas" and "Vilius Orvidas Gabrielius". Their experience of love, poverty, sensitivity to other humans and all environment is revealed through metaphoric meditations on the Nativity, visual and notional analogy with His life. Suffering, Evangelical memory characteristic of a saint are analyzed in such poems as "Justinas Mikutis", "Dalia Grinkevičiūtė". Suffering associated with certain historical memory is revealed through the psalm book and other biblical paraphrases. Memory is highlighted as one more identity (or its part) of a saint in the present article.Memory that develops from dialogue with Christian tradition, litanies, psalms, etc.) and characterizes an exceptional individuality is a certain phenomenon, sacral memory, in Gutauskas’ all works. Memory that reveals itself in the form of a prayer necessary so as to experience sanctity and relationship with the world in general, a mediator of love, faith and other values, a certain witness of sanctity is found in such poems as "Vakarinė", "Nijolė Miliauskaitė" and others. [From the publication]

1822-7309; 2424-3388
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