Dailės švietimas ir amatų ugdymo sąjūdis Lietuvos Respublikoje (1918-1940)

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Dailės švietimas ir amatų ugdymo sąjūdis Lietuvos Respublikoje (1918-1940)
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Arts and crafts education movement in the Republic of Lithuania (1918-1940)
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Kultūrologija [Culturology]. 2002, t. 9, p. 254-271, 464
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Lietuvos meno istorija, taikomasis menas, meno ugdymas; Taikomoji dailė, amatai, liaudiškas stilius, dailininkas, amatininkas.
Applied art, crafts, folk style, artist, craftsman; Lithuanian art history, applied art, art education.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe article focuses on the issue of the formation of fine art education system in the interwar Lithuania, which is a new theme in the historiography of Lithuanian art. The article discusses the crafts education reform carried out in Lithuania in the first half of the 20th century and reveals its motives, among which are the preservation and development of traditional rural trades and the creation of conditions for the development of crafts in towns. Much attention is paid to the activity of fine art instruction classes and its propaganda. Among other issues discussed are the conceptions of fine and applied arts that have been prevailing in Lithuania in the interwar years and the altitudes of consumers towards the objects of this kind. The article presents a thorough examination of the conception of nationality that determined the stylistics of the objects of applied and fine arts in the 1920-1930s. The author as well touches upon the issue of fine arts as the tool of national propaganda. [From the publication]

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