Romantizmo atspindžiai Rimo Tumino teatre

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Straipsnis / Article
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Romantizmo atspindžiai Rimo Tumino teatre
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Reflections of romanticism in the theatre of Rimas Tuminas
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Menotyra. 2006, Nr. 4 (45), p. 44-48
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Romantizmas; Romantinis teatras; Postdraminis teatras; Žaidimas; Romantism; Romantic Theatre; Postdramatic Theatre; Game.
Aktorinis menas. Režisūra. Scenografija. Teatras / Acting art. Direction. Scenography. Theater; Romantizmas; Žaidimas.
Game; Postdramatic Theatre; Romantic Theatre; Romantism.
Summary / Abstract:

LTŠiame straipsnyje bandoma atskleisti romantizmo, kaip pasaulėjautos ir metodo, atspindžius režisieriaus Rimo Tumino kūryboje. Atsižvelgiant į žaidybinį romantizmo pobūdį, R. Tumino spektaklių poetika ir estetika analizuojama per žaidimo teorijos prizmę. [Iš leidinio]

ENThis article attempts to reveal the reflections of romanticism as an expression of a world-view and method in the works of director Rimas Tuminas. Considering the playful nature of romanticism, the poetics and aesthetics of Tuminas’ plays are analyzed through a prism of game theory. The playful aesthetics of Tuminas’ plays is perceived through the director’s romantic-joking outlook, which determines a special relationship with the drama texts, genre transformations in plays and the stylistic polyvalence. Tuminas’ playful stage direction strategy could be characterized as bringing together what is far apart, and joining what is separate, while maintaining a harmonious entirety. The most important features of scenic aesthetics – visualization, emotionality and irrationality – attest to the touch of romanticism’s aesthetics. The characters of Tuminas’ plays are also largely romantic heroes fully indulged into acting. Although the art of acting in Tuminas’ plays is based on thorough psychological analysis, it is also close to the “game”. The game’s essence is the joy experienced in submerging oneself into an illusion. [From the publication]

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