Ugdymas kaip asmenybės rengimas kūrybai ir socialumui : (teisinės valstybės ugdomoji orientacija)

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Ugdymas kaip asmenybės rengimas kūrybai ir socialumui: (teisinės valstybės ugdomoji orientacija)
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Education as the preparation of the individual for creation and sociality: (educational orientation of a legal state)
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Akademinė edukologija 1. Vilnius: Mokslotyros institutas, 2003. P. 315-328. (Lietuvos mokslas ; kn. 45)
Asmenybė; Dvasingumas; Kvalifikacija; Kūryba; Socialumas; Ugdymas; Ugdymas, asmenybė, kreatyvinė pedagogika, kvalifikacija, orientacija.
Creativity; Education; Education, individual, creative pedagogy, qualification, oreintation; Personality; Qualification; Sociality; Spirituality.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe article formulates the idea of creative pedagogy that is based on the two fundamental values: the ability to create the consumer values and the ability on the grounds of that creation to participate in equivalent changes. These values are generated from the cultural nature of the individual, i.e. the duty to take care of oneself in a manner that is non-aggressive to one's neighbour. The idea of creative pedagogy is formulated as a means for the development of the socially efficient qualification. On this basis, a traditional (technocratic) concept, identifying the qualification with personal business, methodological, methodical skills (a technological component), is criticized. Humanistic qualification, treating the qualification as uniformity of technological and moral components, is opposed to technocratic qualification. A moral qualification component is the self-determination of the individual to employ one's own technical skills (personal business, methodological, methodical knowledge, skills, experience, physical health, etc.) for the interests of one's neighbour in order to express respect in actual fact and on this basis to acquire the right to the feedback services on the part of one's neighbour.Qualification as a tool for mutual provision of services is specified not only as a technological but also as a moral category. Pedagogy, oriented towards the formation of qualification of the binary structure, is called creative. It seeks to perceive the process of education of the personality through the ability of the person to create the consumer values and on the basis of such creation to live in peace with one's neighbour. [From the publication]

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