Vyrai marginalai ir lyčių vaidmenų kaita

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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Vyrai marginalai ir lyčių vaidmenų kaita
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Marginal men and the change of gender roles
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Lyčių vaidmenų kaita; Socialinė atskirtis; Vyrai marginalai.
Change of gender roles; Gender roles change; Marginal male; Men marginal; Social exclusion.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThere is analysed the influence of post-communist social political changes upon social processes in the article. Marginal male and female were investigated in 2002 -2003 in several towns and villages of Lithuania. The situation of marginal male was examined considering the family situation, gender and family roles. We discuss the main tendencies that the empirical data reveal. In fact the soviet society was patriarchal. Nevertheless changes were inevitable; therefore the crisis of the masculine tradition came in the post-communist time. These changes were social, they caused the marginalization of the part of society. These were unemployed men who mostly suffered because of their inability to adapt themselves to the market conditions. The problem of the masculine marginalization comes from the inadequacy of the traditional model of manliness under changed life conditions. Modern women have demonstrated more adaptability. Therefore, the social as well as the cultural reasons of the marginalization of men may be distinguished at the post-communist period. This means that the problem of marginalization must be solved not only economically. The situation of men in contemporary Lithuania tends to be critical and dangerous. The psychological analysis of the investigation data shows the domination of pessimism and negativism in the consciousness of male. The position of marginal male on society and power can be described as hostility. It develops social exclusion, Hie defeat of which is the main purpose of social politics. [From the publication]

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