The Polish-Lithuanian monarchy in European context, c. 1500-1795

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The Polish-Lithuanian monarchy in European context, c. 1500-1795
Butterwick, Richard, redagavimas [edt]
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Basingstoke : Palgrave, 2001.
XIX, 249 p
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Preface — Notes on the contributors — Pronunciation guide — Maps — Gazetteer — Introduction / Richard Butterwick — The Polish-Lithuanian monarchy in international context / R. J. W. Evans — The development of monarchies in Western Europe, c. 1500-1800 / Ian Green — The formation of the Polish-Lithuanian monarchy in the sixteenth century / Almut Bues — The Grand Duchy and the Grand Dukes of Lithuania in the sixteenth century: reflections on the Lithuanian political nation and the Union of Lublin / Jūratė Kiaupienė — Nobles, burghers and the monarchy in Poland-Lithuania: the case of Royal Prussia, 1454-1772 / Karin Friedrich — Polish views on European monarchies / Anna Grześkowiak-Krwawicz — The szlachta and the monarchy: reflections on the struggle inter maiestatem ac libertatem / Jerzy Łukowski — Obsequious disrespect: the problem of royal power in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth under the Vasas, 1587-1668 / Robert I. Frost — The functioning of the monarchy during the reigns of the electors of Saxony, 1697-1763 / Mariusz Markiewicz — The enlightened monarchy of Stanisław August Poniatowski (1764-1795) / Richard Butterwick — Chronology of Polish-Lithuanian monarchs — Genealogical table — A guide to further reading — Glossary — Index.
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ENThe Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth is often considered an 'aberration' where monarchy was reduced by the nobility to impotence, and which was consequently partitioned. However, historians' reappraisal of monarchy in early modern Europe calls for a reconsideration of the extent of Polish-Lithuanian 'divergence'. The essays of this collection assess the institution and idea of monarchy in one of Europe's largest and most neglected states. It will appeal to all those interested in early modern history.

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