Mero vaidmuo savivaldybės institucinėje struktūroje

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Mero vaidmuo savivaldybės institucinėje struktūroje
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Role of the mayor in the institutional structure of the municipality
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Ekonomikos ir vadybos aktualijos. 2013, 2013, p. 63-72
Meras; Miesto vyriausybė; Ryga; Rinkimai / Elections; Savavaldis; Savivalda; Savivaldybė; Savivaldybės taryba; Savivaldos institucijos; Talinas; Varšuva; Vietos savivalda.
City government; Mayor; Municipal council; Municipal; Municipality; Riga; Self government; Self-government; Tallinn; Warsaw.
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ENIn a democratic state, there are two governing systems, the state government and local self-government. Local self-government is an important because of the fact that the government may depend on the institutional structure of the whole work. Therefore, this article discusses the structural elements of the government system, focusing on the mayor, because the study aimed to reveal the role of the mayor's government institutional structure. Analysis of the documents revealed that the competence of the Mayor changed various: the increase of the number of competencies till decrease of responsibility by the law. This is why often discussion is about the directly-elected mayor form. However, it should consider whether directly-elected mayor will ensure a more efficient management in local self-government. Therefore, there is a need to consider of a return to self-government model that functioned until 2003. [Text from author]

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