Ryšių su visuomene veiklos analizė Šiaulių miesto savivaldybėje

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Straipsnis / Article
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Ryšių su visuomene veiklos analizė Šiaulių miesto savivaldybėje
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Analysis of public relations activity in Šiauliai city municipality
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Vadyba [Journal of management]. 2007, Nr. 2 (11), p. 37-41
Gyventojai; Informacija; Ryšiai su visuomene; Ryšių su visuomene priemonės.
Citizens; Information; Means of public relations; Public relations.
Summary / Abstract:

ENPublic relations involve many activities: starting from simple communication with society, crisis solution, formation of an image and ending with situation management for favorable trend to a company. Each organization, implementing its activity, uses some means of information transmission, which they choose according to their accessibility from a financial aspect and attainability of society. The main purpose of public relations is to provide society with information about organization and its pursued activity; to convince, that the information is authentic and plausible in order to achieve society acceptance; and constantly remind about provided information, that society retain the organization in its mind. The purpose of public relations is a backbone of organization management. The results of empiric research showed, that respondents remember information, provided by Šiauliai city municipality through different channels of public relations very well, though they are not urged to do this. The research shows, that the most unpopular means of public relations are LCD screen, radio, tracts and banners. The results of the survey show that almost half of questioned people think, that municipality does not provide enough information, because many indicated that they find information incidentally and would like to know where to find more information.That shows that communication is not effective enough because society does not know exactly where to look for needed information. Just a small part of respondents noted, that information, provided by municipality, is comprehensive and purposeful, other part of respondents states, that information is inaccurate and unclear and most of them are casual i.e. indicated, that they does not go deeper into provided information. It is one of the worst situations when society is casual for organization actions. Municipality must pay attention to this and try to engage society. After analization of the situation we discover disappointment from the side of municipality and from society – inappreciation of organization. This shows incomprehension from both sides. [From the publication]

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