Miesto žalioji aplinka rengiant bendruosius planus

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Straipsnis / Article
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Miesto žalioji aplinka rengiant bendruosius planus
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City greenery in master planning
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Urbanistika ir architektūra. 2004, t. 28, Nr. 2, p. 67-72
Geografinė informacinė sistema; Juridinė bazė; Kraštotvarka; Miesto žalioji aplinka; Miestų bendrasis planavimas; Miestų planavimas; Miestų planavimo juridinė bazė; Teritorijų planavimas; Žalioji aplinka; Želdynai.
City green environment; Geographic information system; Green areas; Green environmen; Landscape management; Legal basis; Spatial planning; Teritorial planning; Town planning legal base; Urban general planning; Urban planning.
Summary / Abstract:

LTRemiantis Kauno miesto savivaldybės teritorijos bendrojo plano rengimo patirtimi, nagrinėjami miestų žaliosios aplinkos planavimo klausimai rengiant miestų bendruosius planus. Aptariama bendrojo planavimo įstatyminė bazė, nušviečiamas juridinis bendrojo planavimo bei žaliosios aplinkos formavimo reglamentavimas, apžvelgiamas želdynų klasifikavimas bei normavimas, nagrinėjami bendrojo planavimo svarstymo su visuomene ir kiti klausimai. Nagrinėjamas geografinių informacinių sistemų (GIS) taikymas planuojant teritorijas, apžvelgiama želdynų bei žaliosios aplinkos planavimo ir tvarkymo užsienyje patirtis. [Iš leidinio]

ENCity greenery is an essential part of the townscape. The planning and management of city greenery was always a very important activity of environmental design. In Lithuania the terms "green areas", "green structure", "and system of green areas" are used to name the vegetation of cities. In this paper the general concept of city greenery is used to describe the whole city vegetation despite its location in various land use plots. Many researchers studied the character of city greenery, its constitutive parts, distribution and hierarchy of its elements. Experience accumulated in this field is rather great but there are many problems in applying the best recommendations in city greenery planning. The authors participated in preparing the part Natural Environment in Kaunas Master Plan and encountered many specific problems and questions. These questions and problems are analysed in this paper on the basis of this experience. The main issues discussed in this paper are the Lithuanian legal basis of master planning, the classification of city greenery elements, and public participation in the processes of master planning, effective use of technical means of planning and foreign experience in planning publicity. The main problems in the legal basis of city greenery planning in Lithuania are lack of clearness and unity. Due to this it is very hard to make acceptable master plans. Important legal issues concerning city greenery are scattered over two dozens of different juridical documents. That's why there appear many opposite interpretations of legal regulations while discussing city greenery planning problems.These problems include the handling of vegetated areas of non-green land use plots and city forests, the planning of parkways, the linking nature frame plans and master plans, the questions of city greenery classification. Another important matter reviewed in this paper is the publicity on city greenery and master planning. Possibility for the public to participate in master planning is rather new in Lithuania. The members of society still lack information about the possibilities of master plans and ways of participation in environmental design. Some foreign experience of opportunity for public participation is discussed in this paper. Currently new computer-aided planning technologies, such as geographic information systems (GIS), appeared. However, they are not applied to the best in Lithuanian master planning. The authors of the paper consider some options of efficient GIS use in planning city greenery. [From the publication]

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