E-sveikatos pritaikymo galimybės Lietuvos sveikatos programos įgyvendinime

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Straipsnis / Article
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E-sveikatos pritaikymo galimybės Lietuvos sveikatos programos įgyvendinime
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Potentials of e-health for implementation of Lithuanian health program
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Tiltai. Priedas. 2003, Nr. 13, t. 2, p. 364-368. Transformacijos Rytų ir Centrinėje Europoje
E-sveikata; Lietuvos sveikatos programa; Sveikatos informacinė sistema; Sveikatos priežiūros sistema; Telemedicina; Telemediciną.
E-health; Health care system; Health information system; Lithuanian health program; Telemedicine.
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LTE-sveikatos koncepcija, atsiradusi XX a. pabaigoje suprantama kaip telekomunikacinių ir informacinių priemonių panaudojimas sveikatos priežiūroje. E-sveikatos pritaikymas galėtų praplėsti Lietuvos sveikatos programą įgyvendinimo galimybes. Lietuvos sveikatos programos uždavinių įgyvendinimas galėtų būtų vykdomas plėtojant telemediciną, e-mokymą, e-tyrinėjimus ir e-administravimą. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe concept of e-health is described as the daily use of telecommunications and information technologies in health care. It extends the possibilities for implementation of Lithuanian Health Program. The implementation of objectives of health program could be achieved by the development of telemedicine, e-learning, e-research, and e-administration. The use telemedicine could increase the quality and accessibility of health care system. The telemedicine can be used for online consultations, in-home monitoring of chronically ill by disease management programs, developing personal medical electronic record and online registration. E-learning gives opportunities for implementation of Health Program through development of informational websites about health and health promotion, organizing interactive courses how to prevent or solve current health problems, chat rooms for patient support ("self-care") groups and distance learning. E-rescarch expends possibilities for monitoring changes in health status of the population, development of health databases and participation in research. E-administration covers the use of information and communication technology for planning, implementation, funding, and assessment of disease control, quality, efficiency and effectiveness in service supply. It also includes epidemiological surveillance and control and administration of human and technical resources. Such implementation of telecommunications and information technologies in health care services will make them more effective and services will be more accessible. Individuals will be more empowered to take care of health. It will cause the increase of quality of life, which is one of the main goals of Lithuanian Health Program. [From the publication]

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