Kūno kultūra ir sportas Vilniaus universitete (1579-2004)

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Straipsnis / Article
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Kūno kultūra ir sportas Vilniaus universitete (1579-2004)
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Physical culture and sport in Vilnius University (1579-2004)
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Sporto mokslas [Sports science]. 2004, Nr. 3 (37), p. 59-67
Istorija; Katedra; Kūno kultūra; Sportas; Universitetas; Universitetas, istorija, sportas ir kūno kultūra; Vilniaus universitetas (VU; Vilnius University).
Cathedral; History; Physical culture; Physical culture and sport; Physical education; Sport; University; Vinius university.
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LTDarbe apžvelgiama kūno kultūros ir sporto istorija Vilniaus universitete nuo jo įkūrimo iki šių dienų. Analizuojama universiteto studentų fizinio ugdymo ir sporto sąjūdžio raida per 425 metų Vilniaus universiteto gyvavimo laikotarpį, jo indėlis į šalies sporto sąjūdžio propagandą ir specialistų rengimą. [Iš leidinio]

ENAlma Mater was founded in 1579. The history of our University has been not only complicated but also contradictory. Almost 200 years it has been in possession of the Jesuit Order. It has also suffered the yoke of the tsarist oppression, survived the storms of the Lithuanian and Polish nationalistic ideas. Its activity was disrupted twice in 1832 and in 1943. Very special trace has been left by the years of Soviet power. Despite of contrasting ideological political surroundings, the activity of this institution of higher education could be characterized for its continuous campaign against scholasticism, oppression and reaction. The student's physical culture has always been the axis of overall activities from the very first day at its establishment. Humanism ideals were attracting the advanced personalities of that period reviving an ancient point of view on human body encouraging the parleys heredity of its physical development. In the course of time numerous advanced educationists were advocating and announcing humanistic sense and social benefit of those ideals. To the mind the philosophy of John Locke made a considerable contribution on the issue: „We need Health for our duties and for our benefit „A sound soul in a sound body - those are quotation of this philosopher of 1693. Prof. A.Sniadeckis in his „Notes of Physical Education of Children"(1822) emphasized „the availability of physical excellence only to pure hearted and clear conscience personality".The outstanding educationists at the University were not only advocating the advanced ideas of physical education but also kind of presumption that those ideas had executed a certain influence on the revival of Sports ideals in our present world. With a view that the earliest trace of-the philosophy we find in the philosophic atmosphere of our University, long before the official sport institutions had been established. No brief survey of the promotion of the Olympic ideals at the Vilnius University would be complete without a mention that up to now. Olympics remains the philosophy of life, combining in a balanced whole the qualities of body, will and mind at the present day University of out ancient town Vilnius. In 2000 Universities Senate reformatted into the Health and sport centre of Vilnius University. Direction of the centre spears a lot of attention to work organization and management. Now in University students are doing 19 sports. Very popular it becomes reactivated Rector's Cup competitions between faculties, which includes 11 sports and also international SELL (Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) student's games. Students - athletes from Vilnius University becomes winners and prize winners of national, European, World competitions and also Olympic Games. [Text from author]

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