Kalbininkas leksikografas Aleksandras Lengvinas

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Kalbininkas leksikografas Aleksandras Lengvinas
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Linguist lexicographer Aleksandras Lengvinas
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Lituanistica. 2012, Nr. 3, p. 273-286
Kalbotyros istorija; Žemaičiai; Žodynas; Transponavimas; Leksikografija; Autentiškumas.
History of linguistics; New borrowing; Lexicography; Dictionary; Transposition; Samogitian dialect; Authenticity.
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LTStraipsnyje pirmą kartą lietuvių kalbotyros ir leksikografijos istorijoje mėginama apžvelgti vieno iš XX a. 4-ojo dešimtmečio mažai žinomų kalbininkų leksikografų Aleksandro Lengvino gyvenimą ir veiklą. Remiantis fragmentiška rašytine informacija ir naujais surastais archyviniais dokumentais stengiamasi rekonstruoti kalbininko pažiūras ir įnašą į pirmųjų Lietuvių kalbos žodyno tomų rengimo darbą, apibūdinti žodyno redakcijos darbo dalykinę ir dvasinę aplinką. [Iš leidinio]

ENTo date, the personality and works of Aleksandras Lengvinas (1907–1940), the graduate of Vytautas Magnus University, are not well-known to the wide society and have not been described in detail yet. For the first time, the article aims, on the basis of data from different written sources and documents discovered in the archives, to review the life and activity of the linguist, reconstruct his linguistic views, and define his role in the history of the Lithuanian lexicography. For a few years (1932–1939), Aleksandras Lengvinas worked in the editorial office of the Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language (in the field of onomastics, with a short break). In the editorial office, at first he dealt with various technical tasks, then he wrote the text of Volumes I and II of the Dictionary, proofread, collected more than 15 thousand words from the spoken and written language for the files of the Dictionary. Being well-educated and fluent in the native dialect, in the course of the preparation of the first volumes he distinguished himself as an intelligent adviser to Juozas Balčikonis, the editor of the Dictionary, on various editing questions as well as the most authoritative theoretician and practician in the field of transposition of words from the Samogitian dialect into the literary language. Within the historical perspective of the Dictionary, Lengvinas stands out as one of the brightest and most diligent Dictionary workers, hence referred to as the assistant of Balčikonis by others.A comprehensive article on editing the Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language, type, structure and content thereof stands out from the scarce linguistic legacy of Lengvinas. At that time, his article was the first review in the press which, among other things, highlighted the key rule followed by the editorial board of the Dictionary to strictly adhere to the principle of authenticity (aliveness) of words and illustrative material. The principle of the authenticity of linguistic facts is also emphasised in his written works in the field of onomastics. The current article also describes, on the basis of the illness history of Lengvinas, warm and friendly relations of the editorial staff of the Dictionary, revealing the favourable working and spiritual environment where the first volumes of the Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language were prepared and where the original school of the Lithuanian lexicography has emerged.

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