Spisy ludności miasta Wilna 1915-1917

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Spisy ludności miasta Wilna 1915-1917
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Population census in Vilnius over 1915-1917
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Lietuvos statistikos darbai [Lithuanian journal of statistics]. 2003, 40, p. 14-18, 70
1915–1917 metai; Duomenys; Gyventojai; Gyventojų surašymas; Karas; Skaičiai; Statistika; Surašymas; Vilnius.
1915-1917; Census; Data; Numbers; Population; Population census; Statistics; Vilnius; War.
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ENAfter the Vilnius occupation in September 1915 by German troops, the German military administration conducted three Population Censuses of the Vilna town in the following periods: November 1, 1915, March 9-11, 1916 and from December 14 to January 10, 1917. The purpose of the first Population Census conducted on November 1, 1915 was preparation of accurate information for the town administration that enabled introduction of bread cards issued already on December 1, 1915. The aforesaid Census was not quite precise and the town administration having realized that the true population figure was less than the number of bread cards handed out resolved to conduct the second Census during March 9-16, 1916. This Census unlike that of 1915 where the issues like gender, confession, nationality had been omitted, beside other socio-demographic issues covered data on domestic animals, cars, land property, etc. However, the results of the Census did not reveal any information but population figure. According to the results provided, the population of Vilnius was 140840, while the number of bread cards handed out accounted for 170836. Thus, it appeared that a shortfall in the population figure of Vilnius amounted to 18%. Accordingly, a decision was taken to carry out the third Census of the Vilnius town in order to figure out the true number of the Vilnius town population. Thus, it was carried out over December 14, 1916 - January 10, 1917. The results of this Census showed that population figure of Vilnius equalled 138787. Consequently, the number of bread cards handed out was cut during the next months in 1917. Other censuses were conducted after the World War I. [Text from author]

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