Ekonomines kultūros transformacija: ekonomikos stabilizavimo mechanizmas

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Straipsnis / Article
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Ekonomines kultūros transformacija: ekonomikos stabilizavimo mechanizmas
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Stabilisation of economy under the conditions of deflationary economic
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Tiltai. Priedas. 2002, Nr. 10, p. 62-68
Defliacija; Defliacinė kultūra; Ekonominė politika; Infliacija; Infliacinė kultūra.
Deflation; Defliation; Defliationary culture; Economic policy; Inflation; Infliation; Infliationary culture.
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LTDidesnė ekonomikos teorijos dalis yra skirta analizuoti ekonomikos procesus infliacijos sąlygomis. Defliacija joje dažniausiai yra įvardinama kaip neigiamas reiškinys, kuris ilguoju laikotarpiu riboja ekonomikos augimo galimybes. Šiame straipsnyje yra analizuojamos defliacijos priežastys, atskleidžiamos galimos defliacinės ekonomikos augimo sąlygos. Straipsnyje aprašomas ekonomikos stabilizavimosi mechanizmas, kuris susiformuoja defliacinės ekonomikos kultūros sąlygomis. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe larger part of economics theory analyses the economy's process in conditions of inflation. Deflation in the theory is frequently represented as negative phenomenon, which limits the possibilities of economic growth. The causes of deflation are analyzed in this article and the opposite phenomenon is revealed. In authors opinion, deflationary economy is more socially equal, less inertic, aimed to preserve natural resources and to promote innovations. Old fashioned stereotypes in Society with respect to deflation limits the possibilities of growing deflationary economy. That is why the purposeful creation of new deflationary culture is necessary. This culture must be build on the reorientation of economical policy rejecting direct intervention in economic process, bending one's energies to deregulation of the employment market and improving of information policy, assuring information transparency. Deflation economic culture is a medium for a new mechanism of economic stabilisation; its base consists of the deep cultural contradictions formed in the society.The essence of such contradictions is relationship between society and physical evaluation units of the environment. In modern society growth of the nominal dimensions is identified with general improvement of prosperity. Under circumstances of deflation namely decrease of price level eases inertia of economics. In this article deflation, analysed under conditions of deflation economy culture is to appear only in the period of innovation rise when the real prerequisite of economic growth asserts. In such case just growth catalysed by innovations in economics appears while money base remains constant, that will inevitably force deflation, which will limit overmuch flow of new manufacturers into the market of innovations. At the same time a growth of unemployment will be avoided as the growth of workplaces in the branches of innovation market will compensate possible losses of workplaces in the old branches (if companies working in such branches will not be flexible enough). [From the publication]

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