Technologiškai orientuoto smulkaus ir vidutinio verslo rėmimo infrastruktūra Lietuvoje

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Straipsnis / Article
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Technologiškai orientuoto smulkaus ir vidutinio verslo rėmimo infrastruktūra Lietuvoje
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Support infrastructure for technological oriented business in Lithuania
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Inžinerinė ekonomika [Engineering Economics]. 2001, Nr. 6 (26), p. 43-47
Centrai, Verslo konsultaciniai centrai; Inovaciniai centrai; Moksliniai technologiniai parkai; Moksliniai technologiniai parkai, inovaciniai; Smulkus vidutinis verslas; Smulkus vidutinis verslas, verslo inkubatoriai,; Smulkus vidutinis verslas, verslo inkubatoriai, Moksliniai technologiniai parkai, inovaciniai Centrai, Verslo konsultaciniai centrai; Verslo inkubatoriai; Verslo konsultaciniai centrai.
Business advisory centre; Business incubators; Centre, business advisory centre; Innovation centre; Science technological parks; Science technological parks, innovation; Small medium enterprises; Small medium enterprises, business incubators,; Small medium enterprises, business incubators, Science technological parks, innovation Centre, business advisory centre.
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LTStraipsnyje aptarta SW rėmimo infrastruktūra Lietuvoje: verslo inkubatorių, mokslinių technologinių parkų, inovacinių centrų, verslo konsultacinių centrų veikla. Pateikiama konkrečių duomenų apie įvairiuose Lietuvos regionuose veikiančius verslo inkubatorius. Išanalizuota jų veikla 1999–2000 m. Inkubatorių veikla buvo sėkminga: inkubuojamų firmų ir jose sukurtų naujų darbo vietų daugėja. Šios infrastruktūros elementai sėkmingai gali būti pritaikyti, komercializuojant mokslo tiriamųjų darbų rezultatus. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe object of the article is to review support infrastructure of technologically oriented small and medium business enterprises (SME) in Lithuania. The main forms of support are: business incubators (BF) - organisations which create favourable business conditions for developing SME - today there, are 7 Bis in Lithuania. Science technological parks (STP) are often settled at the campus, they help to develop high level technologies combining research groups, laboratories, and institutes, small innovative firms and individuals - today there are 2 STPs in Lithuania. Innovation centres (IC) - organisations which support the startup of innovative firms - today there are 3 Bis in Lithuania. Business advisory centres (BAC) - they provide support with consultations and they concentrate on the industrial potential of the region - today there are 6 BAC s in Lithuania Data was collected from BI in different regions of Lithuania and their activities were analysed during the year 1999 - 2000. In general it can be said, that BI activities gave positive results: the number of firms and employees in BI increased, there were created a number of new work places, firms paid taxes to the national budget, they increased market share for their products. Premises in KTUBI were filed 100 percent during the first year of their activity. Activities of the most firms drat take part in BI are related to computer teclmiques, programming, the Internet services (21 per cent) also to the creation and development of new technologies oriented firms (11 percent). A11 elements of this infrastructure could be successfully used in the commercialisation of science research and products development. [From the publication]

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