Patterns of post-war memory

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Patterns of post-war memory
Aplinkybės; Atsiminimai; Dokumentai; Istorijos interpretacija; Lietuvių pokarinė rezistencija; Liudijimai; Atsiminimai; Pokario atmintis; Rezistencija.
Circumstances; Documents; Interpretation of history; Lithuanian postwar resistance; Memoirs; Memories; Post-war memory; Resistance; Testimony.
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ENThe following article discusses memoirs written about the history of the Lithuanian post war resistance and the historical and political circumstances that influenced their evaluation. There are varied voices, varied narratives of history woven together in this field of memory. They include the testimony, documents, and memories of those who participated in the resistance, written down in the 1940-50s; the Soviet propaganda of the 1960s, which repressed memories, was like a response to it. In the 1970s, there was an effort to clandestinely collect oral histories, and then, after the restoration of independence, at the end of the 20th century and through the 21st century, works of historians and also novels - literary representations of this painful memory – were written. Even though memoirs of the history of post war Lithuania did not become a "great" narrative, in essence, the paradigm of a heroic assessment of the past is prevalent. Literary texts actualize the polyphonic, fragmentary, and paradoxical nature of this painful experience and memory. [text from author]

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