Privačių pensijų fondų vaidmuo kapitalo rinkoje ir senatvės draudimo sistemoje

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Straipsnis / Article
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Privačių pensijų fondų vaidmuo kapitalo rinkoje ir senatvės draudimo sistemoje
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Role of private pension funds in the capital market and retirement income insurance
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Inžinerinė ekonomika [Engineering Economics]. 2000, Nr. 1 (16), p. 67-72
Kapitalo rinka; Pensijos; Pensijų fondai; Pensijų reforma; Privatūs pensijiniai fondai; Senatvės draudimo sistema; Socialinis draudimas.
Lithuania; Pension; Pension Funds; Pension Reform; Private Pension Fund; Retirement Income Insurance; Social Insurance; The Capital Market.
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LTLietuvos socialinio draudimo reformos tapo būtinos ir neišvengiamos. Subrendo naujas etapas - privačių pensijų fondų kūrimasis ir vystymasis. Straipsnyje parodyta būtinybė išsaugoti privalomąjį valstybinį draudimą ir jį derinti su savanoriškų institucijų veikla. Skiriama daug dėmesio, siekiant atskleisti realią naudą dalyvaujantiems privačių fondų programose, akcentuojamos priežastys, dėl kurių fondai gali patirti sunkumų, bei poveikis šalies makroekonominiams rodikliams. Straipsnio pabaigoje nurodomos galimo tolimesnio tyrimo kryptys, kurių rezultatai galėtų padėti fondus steigti ir valdyti. [Iš leidinio]

ENReforms in the Lithuanian social insurance sphere became necessary and inevitable. A new stage began - establishment and development of private pension funds. The article reveals the necessity to preserve the mandatory state insurance and to co-ordinate it with activities of private institutions. Much attention is given in order to reveal a practicable benefit by means of participating in programmes of private funds, the reasons due to which private funds may suffer difficulties and influence upon macroeconomic indices are specified. The closing part of the article points out the directions of the possible further research the results of which could help to establish and manage the funds Lithuania like many other countries is reckoned among the members of semideveloped countries group, where there is a low degree of marked capitalization; the market is non-liquid and non-sensitive to the economic events; local investors are not able to mobilize a greater part of their capital. These are the main reasons, why promising trade branches often cannot find financial support regardless of our cheap economic resources and skilled, open to novelties labour. Economists acknowledge, that our country could be able to overcome the deadlock by the help of foreign investments. Thanks to it we could create new working places and recreate the people's ability to pay, increase the aggregate demand. Foreign investments could make export more active. It can aslo further the improvement of the Lithuanian economic climate. In case of the improvement of today's economic situation, there could occur the opportunity to save money for old age and think about the pensions. Taking into consideration the fact, that semideveloped markets have extremely large potential of non-exhausted resources, the formation of pension funds would be well timed; the development and upgrowth would be a success.The expansion of economic structure presents new opportunities to make ample provision for people's pensionary age. This could become within reach not only of young generation but of elder people too. The essence of this article is to show that the peculiarities of Lithuanian semideveloped market are favorable to welcome the pension reform, which is already inevitable. [From the publication]

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