Savarankiško darbo efektyvumas mokantis pasaulio pažinimo

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Savarankiško darbo efektyvumas mokantis pasaulio pažinimo
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Efficiency of independent work during environment cognition lessons
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Pamoka; Pasaulio pažinimas; Savarankiškas darbas.
Environment cognition; Independent work; Lesson.
Summary / Abstract:

LTTeorinėje straipsnio dalyje analizuojama savarankiško darbo reikšmė ugdytiniui, pateikiama savarankiško darbo struktūra, aptariami jos elementai. Empirinėje dalyje pristatomi tyrimo rezultatai - mokinių ir mokytojų požiūris į savarankišką darbą pasaulio pažinimo pamokose, įrodomas savarankiško darbo efektyvumas. [Iš leidinio]

ENArticle presents different approaches (J. Ratkus, V. Lamanauskas, V. Rajeckas, M. Knovlesas, V. Tavoras A. Jacikevičienė, etc.) about independent work during the lesson, discusses the structure of independent work and presents the research results. The attitude of learners to independent work during environmental cognition lessons was revealed with the help of questionnaire survey of 3rd and 4th formers (96). The efficiency of independent work during lessons of environment cognition was proved by pedagogical experiment: in the experimental groups the lessons of environment cognition included methods and techniques of independent work, whereas they were not applied in the control groups. The teaching process in the latter groups was clearly dominated by teacher's rather than by learners' activity. The students of both groups demonstrated approximately the same knowledge; however, better results were observed during tests after lesson or after a month of teaching in experimental class. Teachers' reflections were also analysed. The research shows that teachers are for environment cognition lessons based on learners' active independent activity. Such lessons allow for a better self-realisation of teachers and reaching of education goals. [From the publication]

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