Religijny wymiar scen batalistycznych w pamiętnikach Samuela i Bogusława Kazimierza Maskiewiczów

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Religijny wymiar scen batalistycznych w pamiętnikach Samuela i Bogusława Kazimierza Maskiewiczów
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Religious dimension of battle scenes in the memoirs of Samuel and Bogusław Kazimierz Maskiewicz
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Senoji Lietuvos literatūra. 2011, 32, p. 103-114
Atsiminimai; Boguslavas Kazimieras Maskevičius; Dienoraštis; Dienoraštis (atsiminimų knyga); Jonas Paulius Sapiega; Klušino mūšis, 1610; Literatūra (lenkų); Polonkos mūšis; Religinė stilizacija; Samuelis Maskevičius; Stanislawas Zolkiewskis; 17 amžius; Rusija (Russia).
Battle of Klushino; Battle of Polonka; Boguslaw Kazimierz Maskiewicz; Diary; Jan Pawel Sapieha; Lithuanian literature (Polish); Memoirs; Religious stilization; Samuel Maskiewicz; Stanislaw Zolkiewski; XVII century.
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ENThe text discusses the religious aspects in selected battle scenes which appear in the diary of Samuel Maskiewicz (years 1594–1621) and in one of the diaries of his son, Bogusław Kazimierz (events of year 1660). Maskiewicz family belonged to the middle class nobility settled near Nowogródek in Belarus, then a part of Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Samuel Maskiewicz took part in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth war with Russia which began in 1609. He was an officer in the winged hussar squadron which participated in the victorious battle of an army led by field marschal Stanisław Żółkiewski with forces of Dmitry Ivanovich Shuisky at Klushino (4th July 1610). Boguslaw Kazimierz his most interesting relation (in narrative terms) devoted to Polonka battle of 28th June 1660 in which he did not participate. The combined Lithuanian and Polish troops under the command of Paweł Sapieha and Stefan Czarniecki broke the Russian army then commanded by prince Ivan Andreyevich Khovansky, which occupied the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Presented were the descriptions of battles of Klushino and Polonka, with particular attention set on religious stylization that can be seen in the relations of both authors. These battles of Commonwealth forces against the Russians in the memories of the Lithuanian diarists have a not only material, but also a metaphysical dimension – they transfer the conflict between light and darkness (good and evil) to the earthly and substantive level. [text from author]

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