Kūno kultūra ir krepšinis 1918-1940 metų Lietuvos istoriografijoje

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Straipsnis / Article
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Kūno kultūra ir krepšinis 1918-1940 metų Lietuvos istoriografijoje
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Historical analysis of publications of the physical education and basketball in Lithuania in 1918-1940
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Sporto mokslas [Sports science]. 2002, Nr. 3 (29), p. 42-47
Fizine kultūra, krepšinis, Lietuvos istoriografija; Fizinė kultūra; Krepšinis; Kūno kultūra; Lietuvos istoriografija; Literatūra apie krepšinį; Sporto istorija; Tarpukaris.
Basketball; Interwar; Lithuanian historiography; Physical Culture; Physical Education; Physical culture, basketball, Lithuanian historiography; Publication of Basketball; Sports history.
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ENThe changing interest of humanity in sport, the different understanding, popularity and influence of science to the development of the history of Lithuania is in need to renew and correct some knowledge. It is necessary to analyse the history of physical education and sport in the first half of the past century. We can find the articles, books and publications about sport and physical education, that has only one aim - to make society interested in physical education and sport. These publications supported cultivating and spreading wide different sports, helped to unite the society in celebrating national events and movements. The publications of sports clubs statutes and the researches in the field of physical education and sport in West Europe supported the creation of sport system in Lithuania. The aim of this article was to analyse the historical publications of sport and basketball in the 1918-1940. A very important date in the development of sport in Lithuania was the adoption of the Law on Sports in 15th June 1932 and the foundation of the Palace of Physical Education in Kaunas. The analysis was carried out in 3 aspects: 1) the publications on basketball, 2) publications on sports games and 3) publications on sports movements and National festivals. Conclusion: the publications of the sport and basketball in 1920 - 1940 had a positive influence on the cultural life of Lithuania. They contributed to creation of sports system in Lithuania. [text from author]

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