Erdvės poetika : nuo Aleksandro Fromo Gužučio iki Balio Sruogos

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Erdvės poetika: nuo Aleksandro Fromo Gužučio iki Balio Sruogos
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Poetics of space: from Aleksandras Fromas-Gužutis to Balys Sruoga
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Darbai ir dienos [Deeds and Days]. 2003, t. 36, p. 243-259. Lietuvių rašytojai: XX amžiaus ketvirtasis dešmtmetis
Ankstyvoji dramaturgija; Dailė; Drama; Erdvė; Erdvės modeliai; Metodologija; Neoromantinė dramaturgija; Teatras.
Art; Drama; Early Dramas; Metodology; Neo-romantic Dramas; Space; Space models; Theatre.
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ENThe aim of the article is to reflect on different literary studies concerning the issues of space and poetics in drama works paying special attention to methodology. At the same time, some episodical parallels between drama and art are drawn using different observations made by art critics. Finally, the treatment of space in drama works culminating in "Milžino paunksmė" ("The Giant's Shadow") by Balys Sruoga are discussed. Special attention, however, is paid not to particular elements of the plot and topos but to a more general prospect conceived as a strategy of depiction in drama. The analysis carried out has shown that space serves as a basis for poetics in Lithuanian drama, at least inthe beginning. Though with some risk to oversimplify, a model taken from art studies can be transferred to the analysis of space in drama claiming that early dramas (Gužutis, Keturakis, Žemaitė, etc.) employ two-dimensional space models, neoromantic dramas (Vydūnas, Krėvė, Puida, etc.) emphasize the inner spiritual space of the protagonists while Sruoga's "The Giant's Shadow" gives a new dimension to corporeal and sculpturesque aspects of space. [text from author]

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