Mitai ir pinklės literatūros lankuose

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Mitai ir pinklės literatūros lankuose
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Myths and enigmas in the quires of literature
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Darbai ir dienos [Deeds and Days]. 2003, t. 35, p. 247-255. Lietuvių rašytojai: XX amžiaus pradžia
Adomas Jakštas; Balys Sruoga; Estetika; Literatūros kritika; Polisemantinė situacija; Stereotipai; Stereotipas; Tradicija; Vincas Mykolaitis-Putinas.
Adomas Jakštas; Aesthetics; Balys Sruoga; Literary criticism; Polysemantic situation; Stereotype; Stereotypes; Tradition; Vincas Mykolaitis-Putinas.
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ENToday we can speak about the tradition of valuation of Adomas Jakštas-Dambrauskas', Balys Sruoga's and Vincas Mykolaitis-Putinas' works in the history of Lithuanian literature. However, when we try to analyse the facts which were not thoroughly analysed by the Lithuanians philologists, the questions arises how and when a subjective and independent act of valuation becomes rigid and loses its direct destination in the secondary texts (metatexts), such as encyclopaedias and manuals. The tradition of valuation becomes a norm under agreement-a stereotype of valuation. On the other hand, it is interesting to search for the answer how, with the help of such stereotypes, whole mythologies are constructed. The focus of the article is on the analysis of constructing mythology about Jakštas-Dambrauskas. In the centre of this analysis are the two great "battles" of the books by Jakštas and Sruoga and Jakštas and Putinas. The polemics was dealing with the problems of aesthetics and literary criticism and was very significant in the process of constructing the stereotype of valuation of Jakštas personality and his ideas on literary criticism. Finally, we have to deal with a polysemantic situation of valuation. Every valuator, in the process of evaluation, is constructing a subjective and personal image of the analysed object. Only when these valuations are produced and understood uncritically, they inevitably become stereotypes. [text from author]

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