Vilkaviškio kunigų seminarijos profesūra : pedagoginė ir mokslinė veikla

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Vilkaviškio kunigų seminarijos profesūra: pedagoginė ir mokslinė veikla
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Professoriate of Vilkaviskis priest seminary: pedagogical and scientific work
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Soter. 2002, 7 (35), p. 67-74
Pedagoginė ir mokslinė veikla.
Pedagogical and scientific Work.
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ENThe subject of Vilkaviškis priest seminary is not exceptional, although it still lacks of more thorough analysis, just as other topics concerning the Catholic Church in inter-war Lithuania. Thus, the subject presented turns back towards the past, no so far, still already quite forgotten. Vilkaviškis priest seminary had a lot of qualified lecturers, because the diocese took care of their preparation in Lithuanian and foreign universities. The member of lectures, having graduated from foreign universities and having a doctors degree or sometimes even 2 degrees increased since 1926. The seminary could be proud of bishop M. Reinys, the professor of Vytautas Great University, priests V. Padolskis, V. Brizgys (the both became bishops on the eve on the war in 1940), priest J. Grigaitis. The professoriate took part in research activity: they wrote articles, monographs, translated foreign works. Some lecturers were invited to work in Vytautas Great University (bishops M. Reinys, V. Padolskis, priest L. Tulaba).Priest V. Brizgys lectured in catholic organizations. Some professors were well-known politicians, ministers (bishop M. Reinys, priest M. Krupavičius). The students highly appreciated the professoriate, though there chanced to be some reproaches as well, ln 1939 Vilkaviškis priest seminary was highly estimated even by Father Pelletier, a visitor from the Vatican. These conclusions enable to generalize a part of the Church history in Lithuania, i.e., the qualification of the professoriate in Vilkaviškis priest seminary, to estimate the lecturers pedagogical, scientific and public work. It is a pity that such perfect scientific-pedagogic potential was dissipated or (in a way) annihilated during the years of Soviet occupation. The activity of the professoriate of Vilkaviškis priest seminary influenced the society and, thus, was important to the positive development of the Catholic Church in Lithuania and the whole region. [text from author]

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