Vadybiniai socialinio pedagogo veiklos, ginant vaiko teises, aspektai

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Vadybiniai socialinio pedagogo veiklos, ginant vaiko teises, aspektai
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Managerial aspects of social pedagogue's activity in defending children's rights
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Mokslas ir edukaciniai procesai [Science and process of education]. 2011, Nr. 3 (16), p. 105-119
Vaikai / Children; Žmogaus teisės / Human rights.
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LTStraipsnyje teoriniu ir empiriniu aspektu analizuojama socialinio pedagogo vykdoma atvejo vadyba, kai pažeidžiamos vaiko teisės. Tema nauja, Lietuvoje mažai tyrinėta, todėl šiame darbe bus siekiama atsakyti į klausimą, kokiomis specifinėmis savybėmis, ginant vaiko teises, pasižymi socioedukacinio darbo atvejo vadyba. Tiek teorija, tiek atlikto tyrimo rezultatai patvirtino, jog socialinio pedagogo vykdoma vaiko teisių pažeidimo atvejo vadyba siejasi su pagrindinėmis vadybos funkcijomis: planavimu, organizavimu, vadovavimu ir kontrole. [Iš leidinio]Reikšminiai žodžiai: Socialinio pedagogo veikla; Socialinio vpedsgogo analizė; Sociledukaccnė veiklos atvejo analizė; Socioedukacinės veiklos atvejo vadyba; Vaiko teisė; Vaiko teisės; Children rights; Social pedagogue's activity; Socio-educational case management; Socio-esducational case mangament, social activit y.

ENAlthough the 21st century is the century of novelties, improvement and changes, problems of children, as one of the main and most important social groups in society that projects the social reality in the future, still remain the most painful. Violations of children's rights that are influenced by the family often have the tendency to develop in other social life spheres. One of them is school – the second educational institution including family; therefore a social pedagogue, as an advocate for children's rights in this institution, must not only notice problems related with the violations of children's rights on time, but also, if necessary, to provide the child with needed social educational help. Since the case management exercised by a social educator hasn't been thoroughly studied yet, this thesis will seek to answer the question: what managerial qualities has the social pedagogue's activity when protecting children's rights?.Results of the study. The results of the performed study proved that in the case of violations of children's rights a social pedagogue exercises case management based on the main management functions: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. As a coordinator of a help providing process, a social pedagogue gathers the team of specialists to provide help, plans and organizes the activities of a help providing process, leads and controls them. The study results also revealed the trend of repeating managerial manoeuvres used by a social educator. Constant monitoring and control of a help providing process, discussing and analysing a current situation with relevant persons and institutions, as well as communication with the client, i.e., the child and representatives of his / her family, allow to objectively assess the efficiency and benefits of the provided help process. [From the publication]

1822-4644; 2345-0681
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