Daiktavardžio kirčiuočių dažnumas

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Daiktavardžio kirčiuočių dažnumas
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Frequency of noun accentuation paradigms
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Darbai ir dienos [Deeds and Days]. 2000, t. 24, p. 83-88. Tekstynų lingvistika
Akcentologija; Daiktavardžio kirčiuotės; Daiktavardžių kirčiavimo paradigmos; Dažnumas; Lingvistinė statistika.
Accentology; Linguistic statistics; Lithuanian; Stress paradigms of declensions of nouns; The Frequency of noun accentuation paradigms.
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ENThe article deals with the relationship between the existing four noun accent paradigms and their frequency of occurrence in a variety of texts. Specifically, the main line of investigation was to analyse the frequency of occurrence of the paradigms with respect to the number of syllables in a noun. The corpus of data for the analysis was devised at the Centre of Computational Linguistics at Vytautas Magnus University. It consists of twenty thousand nouns which, according to frequency dictionaries, are highest on the frequency lists. The results of the analysis demonstrate that the most frequent paradigms are ranked in this order: nouns of the 1st paradigm make up 43.2%, paradigm 2 nouns - 37.5%, paradigm 3 - 9.8%, and paradigm 4 nouns constitute 9.5%. Another important generalization was made to the effect that the frequency of stem-stressed nouns is four times greater than that of end-stressed nouns. [text from author]

1392-0588; 2335-8769
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