Lietuvos ekonomikos potencialo ir jos konkurencingumo Europos Sąjungoje ugdymas

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Lietuvos ekonomikos potencialo ir jos konkurencingumo Europos Sąjungoje ugdymas
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Development of Lithuanian economy potential and development of its competitiveness in the EU
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Organizacijų vadyba: sisteminiai tyrimai [Management of Organizations: Systematic Research]. 2000, Nr. 16, p. 95-105
Ekonomikos konkurencingumas; Ekonominiai rodikliai; Integracija į Europos Sąjungą.
Economic competitiveness; Economic indicators; Integration into the European Union.
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje analizuojami bei kritiškai vertinami Lietuvos ekonomikos svarbiausi ekonominiai rodikliai: BVP, nedarbas, vidutinis mėnesinis atlyginimas ir kt. daug dėmesio skiriamas užsienio investicijoms, kryptingam ekonomikos transformavimo procesui, nagrinėjamos priemonės bei svarbiausios kryptys šiam procesui spartinti, Lietuvos integravimas į ES pasekmės. [Iš leidinio]

ENIt is necessary to further develop the private sector activities while reforming Lithuanian economy, establishing new private subjects, going on with transparent privatisation of government-owned enterprises, attracting foreign capital. For this purpose, the principle of equal rights for all forms of property should be legitimised, and the question of land ownership solved in a constitutional way. The financial system should be further transformed, including formation of the State budget and usage of budget expenditures. The tax system should be further improved. Financial instruments, import-export regulation should be applied more efficiently. The capital market infrastructure should be developed by forming the investment funds, pension-accumulating funds, increasing the significance of securities market, using financial means of foreign privatisation fund more rationally. Credit-interest politics should be effectively realised, performance of banks should be improved. All economic measures must help solving the accumulation social and cultural problems. [From the publication]

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