Strateginių galimybių atskleidimas ir jų realizavimas rizikos kapitalo fondų pagalba

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Straipsnis / Article
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Strateginių galimybių atskleidimas ir jų realizavimas rizikos kapitalo fondų pagalba
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Venture capital funds : identifying and realizing strategic opportunities
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Organizacijų vadyba: sisteminiai tyrimai [Management of Organizations: Systematic Research]. 2011, Nr. 60, p. 115-128
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Strateginės galimybės; Rizikos kapitalas; Tinklinės strateginio valdymo sistemos; Strateginis proveržis; Verslo slėnis
Strategic opportunities; Venture capital; Multi-level strategic management systems; Strategic breakthrough; Business valley
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje analizuojama, kaip rizikos kapitalo fondai kartu su tinklinėmis strateginio valdymo sistemomis gali padėti identifikuoti naujas strategines galimybes, kurios taptų šalies strateginio proveržio pradžia ir negrįžtamos plėtotės pagalba užtikrintų naują visuomenės raidos kokybę. [Iš leidinio]

ENArticle analyzes how venture capital altogether with multi-level strategic management systems can identify new strategic opportunities which would lead to strategic breakthrough of the whole economy and ensure a new quality in our society’s development. The problem of the research is related to financing difficulties in economies which become especially important during crises and are always challenging for new, innovative companies which face a higher business and financial risks. The subject of the paper is the search for new strategic opportunities in the national economy. The goal of the research is to establish whether (and how) appropriate financing sources could reveal any strategic opportunities so far not used by business operators (and simultaneously opportunities of the whole national economy). The methods of the research cover a comparative analysis of scientific literature. Based on the experience of other countries, it has been established that new strategic opportunities cannot be identified and accordingly commercialized without strategic creativity and strategic management. Only implementation of new strategic opportunities will allow Lithuania to reduce the gap between the EU average and more advanced member states: for this reason a new sight and new understanding are required at both the state and the business levels. Until today in Lithuania, at the level of state authorities and business structures, a pursuit strategy (i.e. adoption and application of the experience of advanced Western countries and corporations) in all sectors of state administration and business has been understood as the only possible way for development.However, the pursuit strategy has neither future nor any perspective in terms of development of the competitive potential of Lithuania. Therefore, it is necessary to aim at the formation of a new development quality by using venture capital funds and the most sophisticated schemes and methods of strategic management, strategic creativity and financing. One of such financing methods is venture capital funds, and the maximum effect can be achieved only by joining their activities with academic research centers (scientific valleys) because it is the only way to achieve the synergy effect. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure faster development of ecosystem for the creation of innovations, i.e. network structures, which could create innovations, invest in them, and attract foreign investments. Those structures should include state, business, scientific and financial institutions. In addition to the venture capital funds, the structures should involve business incubators, scientific valleys and business clusters. Summarizing, it may be stated that in order to develop a high value added economy, Lithuania needs innovative companies which will create a competitive business environment in the country, and thus contribute to the growth of the economy and employment opportunities. Innovative companies require an appropriate financing infrastructure, which can be ensured only by using venture capital funds. [From the publication]

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