Simono Daukanto indėlis į lietuvišką numizmatiką

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Simono Daukanto indėlis į lietuvišką numizmatiką
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Contribution of Simonas Daukantas into the Lithuanian numismatics
Lietuviška numizmatika; Numizmatika; S.Daukantas; Sidabro lydiniai; Simonas Daukantas.
Lithuania; Lithuanian numismatics; Numismatic; S. Daukantas; Silver alloys; Simonas Daukantas.
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ENIn the middle of the 19th с. the Lithuanian numismatic science made its first steps. In 1845 Simonas Daukantas published his work "Būdas senovės lietuvių, kalnėnų ir žemaičių" (The nature of ancient Lithuanians-Highlanders and Lowlanders) in St. Petersburg with a little chapter "The Lithuanian Money in the Ancient Times" included. Daukantas was the first to present the Lithuanian monetary system in a systematic form. Daukantas analysed mostly the pro-coin period discussing exchange and silver alloys in Lithuania. He defined the significance of money in trade in the beginning of the chapter comparing it with blood in a human body. The first money items were in the form of gold and silver pieces. Daukantas was right saying that those money items were not counted but weighed by pounds. In the long run all kinds of money forms and names were though up.The ancient Lithuanians went the same road as well as other peoples. The greatest merit of Daukantas is the presentation of silver alloys. He was the first to use the term "ilgasis" ("a Long Bar") for calling silver alloys. Daukantas wrote about alloys of semi-round stick (a bar) form that were in money exchange. He was the first to pay attention to the specificity of the Lithuanian silver alloys - the cut bars, he tried to explain their meaning. The drawing of such an alloy found in Samogitia and included into the book by Daukantas and the commentary are valuable to the science of numismatics. He also briefly wrote about the first minted Lithuanian coins and gold money. The author estimated the consequences of the Lublin Union to the Lithuanian monetary system. The contribution of Simonas Daukantas into the Lithuanian numismatics was many times mentioned by our contemporary Lithuanian numismatists Zenonas Duksa, Eugenijus Ivanauskas and Mikelis Balčius, Prof. Stasys Sajauskas and Domininkas Kaubrys, as well as Eduardas Remecas. [text from author]

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