Lietuvos moterų dailininkių draugijos (1938-1940) veikla

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Lietuvos moterų dailininkių draugijos (1938-1940) veikla
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Activity of Lithuanian women's artists union (1938-1940)
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Acta Academiae Artium Vilnensis [AAAV]. 2011, t. 62, p. 39-52. Moters savastis dailėje
Lietuvos moterų dailininkių draugija; Moterų dailė; Moterų parodos.
Lithuanian Women's Artists Union; Female art; Exhibitions of women's works.
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LTPublikacija, parengta 2010 m. Vilniaus dailės akademijoje apsiginto magistrantūros diplominio darbo Lietuvos moterų dailininkių draugijos (1938-1940) veikla ir jos kontekstai (vadovė - lektorė Ramutė Rachlevičiūtė) pagrindu, pristato Lietuvos moterų dailininkių draugiją, veikusią 1938-1940 m. Kaune ir vienijusią apie pusšimtį dailininkių. Į organizaciją susibūrusios moterys skatino dailininkių kūrybinę veiklą, rūpinosi profesinių sąlygų gerinimu, dailės edukacija, materialine narių parama, surengė dvi parodas. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe first art exhibition of Lithuanian female artists, organized by the Women Aid Committee of the Union of Catholic Organisations and artists in October 1937, was an uncommon event in the art life of Kaunas. Taking into consideration the fact, that only very few women artists were able to enter exposition halls with their works in the temporary capital of Lithuania, the exhibit with unexpected participants (exclusively women) called attention of visitors and critics at once. This exhibition inspired further collective collaboration among female artists. Having two possibilities either to unite into the society of women artists or to establish a separate section in the Lithuanian Artists' Association, they (women artists) chose the latter variant, which guaranteed more stable professional and material basis. The plans of creating a separate section in the Association of Lithuanian Artists failed quickly, when the Board of the Association rejected women's applications. In February 1938 the constituent assembly was held to establish the Lithuanian Women Artists Union, where the Board was elected and the Statute was approved. The activity of the new Union drew major attention of the society the following two years. The results are modest and significant at the same time: a collective exhibition of women's was organized as well as post-mortem exposition of rich creative heritage of Marcė Katiliūtė (both in the year 1940).Minor achievements included efforts to more actively involve not only female artists creating in Lithuania's temporary capital but also ones from periphery, mediation activities to find financial support for artists' tours and studies abroad, organisation of public lectures of artistic education and women's debates on art issues, intentions to improve women's professional preparation as well as administration and representation of creative heritage of Marcė Katiliūtė. In fact, soviet occupation suspended artists' activity, works on monograph of M. Katiliūtė and plans to commemorate her The contact established by the chairwoman of the Association with artists abroad failed as well. The last efforts to unite into the Lithuanian Artists' Trade Union, which was established in July in the year 1940, was unsuccessful again. [From the publication]

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