Mokymosi tarnaujant galimybės profesiniame rengime

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Straipsnis / Article
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Mokymosi tarnaujant galimybės profesiniame rengime
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Profesinis rengimas: tyrimai ir realijos [Vocational training: research and realities]. 2011, Nr. 20, p. 150-157
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Mokymasis tarnaujant; Profesinis rengimas; Professional development; Professional education; Service learning.
Mokymas. Mokymasis. Didaktika / Teaching. Learning. Didactics; Profesinis rengimas / Vocational training.
Professional development; Professional education; Service learning.
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LTStraipsnyje aptariamos mokymosi tarnaujant ypatybės, svarbios profesiniam rengimui. Taikant naujo mokymosi būdo, svarbu išryškinti jo prielaidas, principus, aktualumo, tinkamumo įstaigai ir mokiniams. Straipsnyje atskleidžiama bendroji mokymosi tarnaujant samprata, išryškinamas šio mokymosi būdo filosofinis pagrindas, aptariamos galimybės taikyti šį mokymo būdo profesinio rengimo institucijoje ar panaudoti asmens profesiniam rengimuisi. [Iš leidinio]

ENThis article discusses features of service learning paradigm, which are meaningful in vocational training. The contemporary world – the society, the work environment request competencies – the functional that are required by a particular vocation and also general that are necessary for every person. Service learning is the way how we can organize the learning / teaching process transferring it from the traditional classrooms to the communities. There students could not only acquire practical skills of concrete vocation, but alongside they raise other competencies – the civic attitudes, communication and cooperation skills, career decisions, learning outcomes demonstration skills. It is an important attitude in vocational training because all these competencies could guarantee better employment. While applying this new pedagogical paradigm to vocational education it is important to expose not only its assumptions and principles, but also its relevance and suitability for an institution and for the learner. Therefore this article contains main conception of Service learning paradigm also its philosophical foundation and potential of applying this paradigm in a vocational training institution. [From the publication]

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