Promoting creavity during musical activity in childhood

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Promoting creavity during musical activity in childhood
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Dijete i djetinjstvo : teorija i praksa predškolskoga odgoja. Osijek: Sveučilište Josipa Jurja Strossmayerja, Visoka učiteljska škola, 2003. P. 141-151
Ikimokyklinis ugdymas / Pre-school education; Kūrybiškumas / Creativity; Muzika / Music.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Ikimokyklinis ugdymas; Kūrybingumas; Kūrybiškumas; Muzikinė veikla; Muzikinės veiklos; Skatinimas; Vaikystė; Chilghood; Creativity; Creativity, musical activity, prie-school education; Musical activity; Promoting.

ENThe article reveals the significance of promoting children's creativity at the preschool age and some specific features of that process. The role of the teacher of music in encouraging creative self-expression of children is discussed. Tlie theory and practice of modern education are oriented towards the formation of a flexible individual, who is able to solve his or her problems independently. The focus of the educational process that is based on democratic principles is the child, the child's interests and needs, the specificity of the child's maturing process and their experience. The creative powers of an individual can be expressed in different spheres of activities: in art, in science, in intellectual and emotional fields. It is of primary importance to notice and promote one's creative abilities. Special attention should be devoted to children's creative self-expression at the preschool age. Music activity is the best medium for it. Preschool age lays the foundation for the child's music education, as an ear for music and the main skills of musical activities finally shape before the child is 10. Creativity as a changing phenomenon is not of special importance at the young age, therefore, the development of creative powers of a preschool child can be realised via musical activities. Musical activities are of special significance for the formation of the child's personality. The well-organized teaching process in music activity creates favourable conditions and becomes the main task for creative teaching. The encouragement and development of children's creativity in music lessons greatly depend on the teacher. Though the research showed that most pedagogues do not recognize creativity as one of essentials in music teaching. They use creative tasks occasionally to break the monotony of the activity. This depreciates understanding music as art. [From the publication]

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