Dėmesingumas nusikaltimo aukai kaip prielaida kuriant atvirą visuomenę

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Dėmesingumas nusikaltimo aukai kaip prielaida kuriant atvirą visuomenę
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Attention to victim of crime as an assumption in formation of open society
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Jurisprudencija [Jurisprudence]. 2000, Nr. 15 (7), p. 153-160
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Baudžiamasis procesas; Nukentėjusysis; Nusikaltimo auka; Smurtinis nusikaltimas; Žala; Criminal procedure; Damages; Victim; Victim of crime; Violent crime.
Baudžiamasis procesas; Nukentėjusysis; Nusikaltimų aukos / Victims of crime; Smurtinis nusikaltimas; Žala.
Criminal procedure; Damages; Victim of crime; Victim; Violent crime.
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ENIn the course of history it has turned out so that for long decades the law of criminal procedure of foreign countries and Lithuania as well took more care of the status of the offender if compared to the attention paid to interests of its antipode - victim of the crime. Whereas the state should be equally interested in both discovering the crime and imposing just punishment to the offender and thorough protection of the victim. It is worth mentioning that some time ago even in the documents of international communities most attention was paid to interests of the detained person. The problem of rights and therefore cannot take an advantage of them when protecting their interests; the problem damage reparation to the victim, however, is universal and concerns all of us. Having analysed the content of Article No. 2 of the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania we can observe a wider protection of interests of the culprit. On the other hand Article No. 30 of the Constitution states that any person whose constitutional rights or freedoms are violated has the right to appeal to court. The law establishes the procedure for compensating material and moral damage inflicted on a person. Based on this we can make an assumption that other laws should take equal care of ensuring of interests of the culprit and of the victim. Analysed in the article are basic questions' connection with improvement of legal status of the victim. Similar experience of foreign countries is being touched upon offers to solutions of urgent issues are being made. [text from author]

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